Why You Hate It, Why I love It

English is the class that everyone must take, but no one really wants to do. Grade 12 English is a mandatory course in order to enroll in university but many people wonder whether English should really be required. Although you may hate it, English class teaches you the right way to communicate your ideas into words, and is the course that will help you the most throughout your post-secondary school and career. I myself have never excelled very much in English class, but without it I would lack many of the communication and writing skills I have today. This all leads me to my opinion that English should be a mandatory grade 12 course in order to enroll in University.

Image result for should people still be using cursive writing
Student practicing writing skills.

You may ask, ‘how will English class ever help me in the future?’, so let me answer that question. To start I will go through the reasons why grade 12 English is essential to academic success in University. Firstly, practicing reading comprehension, a skill learned in grade 12 English, teaches you to analyze academic works. The website Classroom touches on this: “Basic reading comprehension is critical for everything from understanding advertisements to reading emails from friends and colleagues”. This skill can be applied to various research projects that present themselves in every field of study in University. It is important to know how to properly interpret written information in order to fully understand the topic that you are researching. This is a essential skill that grade 12 English provides and truly enhances. Secondly, those who do not partake in a grade 12 English course will be at a disadvantage to those who do in regards to writing experience. A lack of experience in writing is detrimental to a students achievement at a university level. Developing writing skills in grade 12 teaches students to organize and generate ideas to write for a intended purpose, which is in critical in University as you need to have a clear demonstration of your argument.

Image result for english clipart
An English classroom.

Grade 12 English is also an imperative factor to advancement in ones future career.The first reason why grade 12 English strongly benefits anyone in the workplace is because a good knowledge of English allows you to communicate with those you come in contact with at the workplace. Grade 12 English is important with your communication because it allows students to practice reading out loud and presentation skills so that you will be more experienced and prepared with oral communication. More experience with practicing oral communication will result in more confidence and success in how you speak, which will be very helpful in many ways at the workplace. The second way ENG 4U will help you in the workplace is when you are looking for a job. If you have not done an English course in grade 12 and you haven’t enhanced your skills to put your thoughts into words, you will struggle to reach success in job interviews. Grade 12 English really advances your ability to make sentences flow and to speak at an adult level, so not taking this course would be a disadvantage to you when you are on the hunt for a job.  The British Council even mention how a good knowledge of English can even “increase your chances of promotion”.

Image result for english clip art
This picture represents what the English curriculum will teach you.

In conclusion I do believe it is very important to keep a Grade 12 English course as a mandatory course. The many benefits of studying literature will provide skills which a student can carry with them throughout their lives. Enhancement of vocabulary, gaining new perspectives and learning how to analyze text critically are few of the reasons English is has to remain an essential course. Specifically, grade 12 students need this course as it prepares them to enter post-secondary life and the working force with the skills a future employer or university would expect. English is one of the most beneficial classes offered in high school and being literate is essential to helping the success of an individual, and for these reasons it should remain a mandatory course.

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