The Unforgotten Mystery

The podcast, Serial by Sarah Koenig was one of my first experiences with a podcast, and I can say it is definitely a great way to put out a story. After listening to the first episode, last episode, watching clips, and reading articles on the story I have came to my opinion on whether Adnan Syed is guilty or innocent of Hae’s murder.


I believe that Adnan Syed is not responsible for committing murder of Hae Min Lee because the evidence does not add up to this verdict. Adnan Syed is innocent because of the lack of evidence to prove he is, the failure of important witnesses being used and the suspicious story told by Jay.


The thing that made this case so complicated was the lack of evidence. No one knows for sure what happened on the day of January 13th 1999, but regardless Adnan was sentenced to life in prison at a age as young as 17. Although you may just have the first instinct to believe Adnan killed Hae Min Lee, when you look back at the case, there was absolutely no evidence of Adnan killing Hae. The life sentence of a 17 year old boy all revolved on the testimony of one guy. There was no proof Adnan was at the place of the murder, no proof that Adnan was angry at Hae, and no proof that Adnan had ever touched Hae Min Lee. In the first episode it is clear that after sarah interviewing many people who were involved in Adnan’s life, that he was not even close to the kind of guy that would commit a murder. Adnan was an athlete, he was popular, he got along with everyone and him and Hae stayed friends after the breakup. I think that it is very unreasonable to put a 17 year old in jail for the rest of his life because of one character with a shady story said. When you listen to Jay’s story it is clear that he is not very confident in what he is saying. Jay has a lot of pauses in the middle of his story, he stutters a lot and overall many parts of his story does not match what actually happened. Jays story on the locations where the events took place change from the first interview to the testimony. The inconsistency of Jay’s story leads me to believe that Jay is not a credible source and that this was a very weak piece of evidence to throw Adnan in jail for the rest of his life.


The case had a lack of evidence to prove Adnan was guilty, and along with that, A crucial aspect to the story was not considered in the case of Adnan Syed. Asia Mclean stated that she was with Adnan at the time of the murder at the library, but the judge and jury was not made aware of this. Asia Mclean was a girl who was familiar with Adnan but they were not very close. She stated that she had been with him at the library during the time that Hae Min Lee was murdered. Asia even wrote a letter to Adnan, that talked about how she was on his side and remembers being and talking with him that day at the time they said he killed her. This was crucial information for the case because the main problem with the case was they did not have any proof of where Adnan was for a specific 21 minutes. This unawareness of where Adnan was is one of the main reasons that Adnan was convicted. Even though the timing and location of Adna was so crucial, The lawyer of Adnan did not call up Asia Mclean to testify, or even use the letter that she wrote to him saying she remembers him being with her at this time. I think that this was the best thing that Adnan could have had for his case, but this was not used and it makes the story that Jay used even less credible and believable.


One thing that I felt was never touched upon in this story is if Jay was telling the truth, why on earth would he be helping Adnan so much? The way Jay told the story, Adnan told him that he was going to kill Hae and the he needed his help, And Jay agreed and helped. Now this is what makes me really suspicious on the whole story. If Adnan told Jay his whole plan on how he was going to kill Hae, why would Jay go along with this plan and help it happen? Like Jay literally said that he helped Adnan bury the body of Hae Min Lee after she was killed. I find it very hard to believe that someone would just help someone do this for no reason. What makes me most suspicious on this topic though, was the fact that he told the police after the murder had happened. It makes no sense that Jay would be there to help Adnan throughout the whole planning process and burying her after, and only end up telling the police what is happening after the damage has been done. There is no way that he would not have either refused to do this when Adnan brought it up, or call the cops before the murder happens and it is too late. I think that Jay’s story does not add up or make any sense, making me not value anything that he has said on the case and be on Adnan’s side.


Adnan cannot be guilty of this crime. The lack of evidence to prove he killed her, the failure to use important alibis, and the story that doesn’t add up by Jay all lead me to believe Adnan has been spending over half his life in Jail without a purpose. The episodes I have listened to and the outside sources analyzed has all led me to believe Adnan and have suspicious feelings towards Jay. Whether Jay was the real murder or not, I definitely believe that Adnan was wrongly convicted of murder.

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